Partner With Industry Experts

Trust NELPAG for in-person or remote consulting services. We offer initial free consultations, so you can get a clear idea of how our resources can support your organization. Whether you are looking for preventative measures or need to react to a loss trend or acute risk, we have the experience and knowledge base to help you.

Risk Assessments, Audits, Internal, and External Theft Prevention

We offer decades of Loss Prevention Experience to assist startups and small businesses identify and mitigate risks. We have years of proven Best Practices that will help you prevent external and internal thefts. We will help you create your operational processes to drive efficiency and productivity and compliment them with an audit program that will help you measure your outcomes. Loss of inventory due to shoplifting, employee theft or other errors collectively cost US retailers almost $40 billion annually. External theft, including organized retail crime (ORC), represented about 36% of retail shrink losses in 2018. Internal employee theft represented about 25% and the remaining 39% falls under operational loss. Having standardized and measurable operational procedures are critical means of preventing loses. Being able to quickly identify and resolve external and internal theft losses could be the difference between a $100 loss and a $1 million loss. Let our team of experienced Loss Prevention professionals help you secure your hard earned profits.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources advisor specializes in developing strategic and pragmatic Human Resources solutions for organizations that want to align people, process, and culture. Whether it be how to handle an employee issue, write an Employee Handbook, develop or revise a compensation system, or create HR procedures, we have broad HR experience.

Expertise offered in:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Labor & Employee Relations
  • Training & Organizational Development
  • Preventative Labor Relations
  • Mediation
  • Customer Service Training & Programs
  • Candidate Screening
  • Interim HR Services
  • Reward & Recognition Strategies

Active Shooter Training

The U.S Department of Homeland Security defines active shooter as someone “actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.” It is an unfortunate, all-too-often event in our society. These incidents stem from an array of stressors, catalysts and environmental conditions, and are statistically categorized into Education, Open Space, Government, and Commerce. 42% of incidents happen in Commerce, which includes retail. Building the proper awareness within your business environment and having an intelligent plan for an event are important elements to protecting your employees and business. We will provide your business with the most current Active Shooter training and workshops. Our Active Shooter experts facilitate workshops and speak all over the United States.

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Every organization needs preventative and reactive training on this important subject. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, workplace violence falls into four categories: Criminal intent, customer/client, worker-on-worker and personal relationship, which overwhelmingly targets women. Creating a Zero Tolerance policy on workplace violence is an important first step to its prevention. Training your Supervisors to be able to identify possible precursor behaviors and drive a safe culture is equally important.

IP Camera, Access Control, Alarm Systems, Safes, Keys, and Cores

We offer a wide variety of security hardware and software resources. Smart Security Technology allows you to remotely monitor your business with high definition IP surveillance cameras and systems. They have long been considered the way of the future and have permeated into Smart Home Systems. IP, Access Control and Alarm Systems can be integrated and monitored on your mobile device or by a monitoring station. Smart Safes allow business owners to manage access, timers and programing remotely. They can also allow you to electronically transfer your money to your bank eliminating risk. Our service will actually buy, secure and transport the cash, as their own after your Smart Safe has safely wired your money to your bank. Smart systems can also integrate into your business to improve the customer experience. With a wide variety of technology and solution providers in our group, there is sure to be a cost-effective Smart Security solution fit for your business, all with 24/7 customer support.