The Industry Challenge

According to the National Retail Federation, retail shrink losses average over $40 billion annually and have been consistently increasing. The three primary drivers of these losses are External Theft, Internal Theft, and Operational Inefficiencies. Of the $370 billion of refunds, and estimated $20 billion are due to refund fraud. The top five types of retailers with the highest losses belong to Fashion Apparel and Accessories, Convenience Stores, Home, Garden and Auto, Drug Stores and Pharmacies and Variety stores. According to OSHA and FBI statistics, Workplace Violence and Active Shooter incidents are increasing. Workplace Violence high-risk factors include those that exchange money with the public, working where alcohol is served and customer service agents. Tragically, Active Shooter incidents happen far too often. The primary areas of occurrence are businesses, schools, and government facilities. 


New England Loss Prevention Advisory Group, LLC was created to provide businesses with resources to help them protect their people, property, and profits. We specialize in supporting bussiness who do not have full time Security or Loss Prevention resources. NELPAG has a team of industry experts with first-hand experience of proven Best Practices and a broad network of cost-conscious industry hardware and software solution providers. We can advise you on assessing your risks, procuring resources and how to best leverage your existing or needed resources. Our advisors will help you develop a Loss Prevention program to prevent, identify and resolve External and Internal Theft and Operational losses. Our experts can also build robust Cyber and Physical Security programs. 

We have arranged a partnership with the Retailers Association of Massachusetts offering special pricing to its members. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to supporting your business.


“As a member of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, I reached out to them seeking guidance on some Loss Prevention challenges my business was experiencing. They referred me to New England Loss Prevention Advisory Group. I scheduled a consultation and an eventual on-site visit. That consultation was very insightful and valuable. With their insights and advice we were able to make operational, security and merchandising changes that saved us money. We also used the advice and guidance to develop our own Loss Prevention Awareness training program.

I would recommend any business owner to contact NELPAG. They provided professional, insightful guidance that was easy to implement into my business.”  

Jim Vallides, President, Royal Harvest Foods


“I was introduced to New England Loss Prevention Advisory Group by one of my managers. By the end of the initial consultation it was clear they could help us. Over a six-month period, we built a Loss Prevention Program setting operational standards and created audits to validate them. The weekly learnings helped us create more effective training for our employees. NELPAG also introduced us to their extensive security vendor network which saved us thousands in capital spending. The savings in hardware, software and theft prevention have been tremendous. They did a great job for us. I highly recommend them”.

 Alex Katsman, President Laundry Capital, New York  


"I have used New England Loss Prevention Advisory Group services on several occasions over the years, primarily simply calling to obtain professional Loss Prevention insights. Having a direct line to industry experts has helped me make better security decisions, saving me research time and eventual capital expenditure savings. I would recommend any business to contact them for Security or Loss Prevention Advice."

Riley Transport, Inc. Somers, Ct


“As a small business owner, I would highly recommend New England Loss Prevention Advisory Group for any business needing assistance with securing their business. I have used them to assess property and inventory risks within my industry and to obtain guidance in preventing those risks. Knowing them in advance and having a plan has benefited my business.”

Angelo’s Auto, Auburn, Ma


“I have relied on New England Loss Prevention Advisory Group for industry insights. They have an extensive network of professionals readily available for assistance. They have helped me source top notch security technology at very competitive prices for my clients. I would recommend NELPAG to any business owner looking to protect their assets and improve their profitability.”

Stokes & Associates, Boston, Ma


"I recently collaborated with New England Loss Prevention Advisory Group on a project to secure and automate a laundromat entirely remotely. The ambitious undertaking allowed the owners to save tens of thousands of dollars per year while vastly improving security and customer experience. NELPAG’s team has a deep and broad understanding of Security, Loss Prevention and operations, which combined with our technology made the project successful and scalable".
Rob Cirrillo, CEO Securiteam Security, Tampa Bay, Fla.

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